Our Projects

Educating children

In association with an established school, GMOA provides an English medium education and spiritual nurture for children from the poorest families, living in surrounding rural villages. This includes school and transport fees, uniform, books and a midday meal. This help offers a larger scope for future job opportunities which poor villagers could never afford.

rural Family childcare

GMOA provides for students’ physical, educational and spiritual needs through before and after school care centres in rural villages, providing tutoring and a nutritious meal. Students also receive school uniforms, stationery and an opportunity to be a part of educational camps. Medical and dental checks are held annually together with ongoing career counselling and mentoring.

higher education

Diploma and college scholarships are awarded by GMOA to those year 10 and 12 graduates who show potential and desire to undertake further study and training. This provides the students with an opportunity to escape the poverty cycle.