who we are

Established in 1984

Grace Ministries Overseas Aid (GMOA) is a not-for-profit, non-Government, Australian Christian Overseas Aid Organisation. 

meet our board

Working among children in Southern India, we endeavour to take an holistic approach so that children may develop to their potential in all areas, in the hope of benefitting their families and villages.

GMOA aims to assist developing countries. It is a ministry to the poor and disadvantaged. Aid is in the form of child support within community centres and the provision of tuition for children to promote the advancement of their education, family support and poverty relief.

GMOA relies on sponsors to fund projects, ensuring all monies donated for overseas support are used for the purpose given. The total sum for each sponsorship and/or gift is sent to India – no administration costs are deducted.

All our Board Members are volunteers, seeking to serve Jesus and show His compassion and love in practical ways.  Our desire is for GMOA to bring not only temporal aid and relief, but to make an ongoing difference in the lives of the poor and disadvantaged in India.  Our desire is for the people of India to have life and hope.

Steven McElveney and Robyn McElveney:     Steven is currently President of the Board.  He and his wife Robyn have served on the Board since 1998.  Steven has a background in banking and office administration.  Robyn is a trained teacher. Their heart for the people of India started through sponsoring over 25 years ago and has continued to grow as they have visited India, appreciating the great need and potential among these wonderful people.

Stephen Henkel APM and Elizabeth Henkel:     Steve is our current Vice-president and worked with the NSW Police Force.  His wife Elizabeth is trained in community services.  They joined the Board in 2001.  Steve and Elizabeth have a heart for people of all ages to grow spiritually and serve in many capacities, encouraging, teaching and nurturing people in their faith.  Through their many visits to India they have both grown to love the people and work there.

Shirley Macindoe OAM:      Shirley is the Secretary and Founder of Grace Ministries.  As a teenager Shirley became interested in India and began sponsoring children.  As that passion for the people of India has continued to grow, Shirley has given her time, abilities and indeed her life to serving God in that way.  Shirley’s love for the people of India has been contagious.  As she has worked to raise funds, Shirley’s passion has spilled over, drawing in interested sponsors who have become an important part of Grace Ministries’ work.

George Goyen & Sue Goyen:      George and Sue joined the board in 2009 following their first visit to the GMOA projects in India.  From this developed a love for the people of India and a desire for them to know Jesus. George’s background in banking and experience on a missions committee has equipped him for his current role as GMOA Treasurer.  Sue has a teaching background, as well as experience in co-ordinating scripture. Together they seek to enrich the lives of GMOA children.  

Kumari Singh:     Kumari joined the Board in the year 2015. She is originally from Chennai in India and moved to Australia in 2000 with her husband. She worked as a Mechanical Engineer for 14 years and is currently studying counselling at Morling College. She has visited our GMOA projects in India and has an understanding of the culture there. She is passionate about teaching children about God, and is involved in teaching scripture in local schools.

Kingsley Pandian:     Kinglsey was born in Chennai, India and was raised in the christian faith. He left India around 28 years ago and worked in hospitality industry around Asia and around the Globe . Kinglsey migrated to Australia in 2004 along with wife Susy and 2 children. Kingsley always had the urge to support the vulnerable , developing them , bringing the best out of them specially the ones who need a hand and Planting the love of Christ in them.

David Ling:     David was born in Malaysia and came to Australia in 1983. He is married to Elizabeth and has 3 children, Jessica, Evelyn and Matthew.David has a background in warehouse operations and logistics.After attending a short term mission with GMOA in 2014, his understanding and interest in the sponsorship programs grew and he is glad to serve God and the people of India in this role.    

our accountability

GMOA is an accredited, registered charity.  GMOA accounts are audited annually and  submitted as required to the appropriate NSW Government Department. We report annually to ACNC (Australian Charities & Not-for-Profit Commission) and have a policy of openness and transparency with both our sponsors and partners.

Monthly financial project reports are received from India, detailing how funds sent from Australia have been utilised. Regular visits to India are carried out by Board Members in order to visit our projects and ensure donated funds are being used for the purposes for which they are given.  These visits are valuable opportunities to encourage and support our Indian partners.


Transforming and empowering the lives of impoverished children through education and holistic care


Transforming lives, families and villages through the love of Christ in South India