writing to Your Sponsored child

Your letters can be life changing - a tangible reminder that someone loves and cares

Receiving a letter brings hope and great joy to a child in poverty

  • A letter of encouragement or written on the back of a post card will encourage them greatly.  Tell them about your life in Australia – your family, work, studies, pets, sports, interests, about Australia’s countryside, beaches, animals etc.  Ask them questions too.
  • Keep letters brief and write clearly to aid translators.
  • Please avoid writing about or sending pictures of your personal possessions. 
  • Please do not include any personal contact details.  The envelope needs to be unsealed as we will check these for the protection of both the child and the sponsor. It is helpful if a regular sized envelope is used.
  • Please write your name and the name of your sponsored child and their project number clearly on the front of the letter/envelope.
  • If you are a Christian, we would encourage you to write about God, your faith, favourite Bible verses, and your church involvement, and explain how you pray for your child.

what you can expect

You will receive 2 sponsorship letters and 2 photos every year from your child and project reports which can be read via the GMOA website www.graceministries.com.au If you write back, you will also receive reply letters or acknowledgements.

what we expect of you

You are asked not to give your address – all communication will be through GMOA. Letters may be given to a GMOA Board Member or posted to GMOA, Box 59, West Pennant Hills. 2125.

You are also asked not to send gifts to your sponsored child.  With some children receiving gifts and others not, it can cause problems between other children and between siblings in the family. A photo, a few stickers or a book mark would be acceptable.  GMOA provides an appropriate Christmas and birthday gift for each child on behalf of their sponsor and you are more than welcome to contribute towards these.

Group sponsorships…. It is probably best to have one contact person who will sign on behalf of your group.

We appreciate your support, co-operation and understanding in this.  Please contact us if you have any further questions.